Deck Framing in Cobb County, GA 

A new deck can make all the difference for your outdoor living space in Cobb County, Georgia. If you’re contemplating a new deck project, it’s important to understand deck framing and why it’s an essential part of the deck building process. 

Understanding Deck Framing 

Deck framing is the backbone of your deck, providing the essential structural support necessary for its stability and longevity. Consisting of beams, joists, and posts expertly assembled, deck framing lays the foundation upon which your deck boards will be secured. 

Why Deck Framing Matters 

Investing in quality deck framing is paramount for several reasons: 

Structural Integrity: Properly constructed deck framing ensures your deck can withstand the weight of furniture, gatherings, and outdoor activities, safeguarding against potential safety hazards. 

Longevity: By using durable materials and precise construction techniques, deck framing protects against rot, decay, and insect damage, extending the lifespan of your entire deck structure. 

Safety: Sturdy deck framing minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries, providing a secure outdoor environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy with peace of mind. 

Cost and Timeline 

The cost and timeline of deck framing are influenced by factors such as the size of your deck, choice of materials, and any additional features or customizations. As an integral part of a new deck project, deck framing typically accounts for a portion of the overall cost and construction timeline. Our experienced deck contractors will work closely with you to provide a detailed estimate and timeline tailored to your specific project requirements and budget. 

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Outback Deck has earned the trust of homeowners throughout Cobb, Cherokee, and North Fulton counties, as evidenced by our numerous accolades and glowing reviews.

“We just had Outback do our complete deck teardown and rebuild (adding a covered patio), and we are extremely satisfied with how it turned out! The attention to the details and oversight of the construction teams took extra burden off of us. I can't thank Outback Deck enough for driving the project to completion so smoothly.”

Ross H.

“Outback was great to work with. They were transparent and kept us well-informed from the first sales meeting to completion of the project. The deck and patio they constructed are beautiful. The materials and work are high quality, and well in excess of any building codes. With the composite decking and aluminum railing, we can look forward to many years of enjoyment with little to no maintenance.”

Nick F.

“From start to finish, Outback Deck's attention to detail and eagerness to ensure our happiness was foremost. The crew was on time or early every day and the project manager, was always available to help with any questions or let me know where we stood with the schedule. We love our new deck!”

Lane R.
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