By Deck Expert, David Jurnack

In the State of Georgia, a building permit is required when building a new deck. It is also required if you are resurfacing your existing deck but replacing the guardrail system and/or stairs. Only a homeowner or a licensed contractor can apply for a building permit.  There are many reasons why a homeowner should not be responsible for the building permit.

A building permit requires a local municipality to perform multiple points of inspection during the construction process. The permit inspector ensures that the work being done is being performed to the local building code (the bare minimum of what is to be expected). Outback Deck recommends that projects are performed under the municipal umbrella of a building permit.

However, not all deck projects require a building permit. All the following criteria must be met to proceed building a deck without a building permit:

  1. The deck must be less than 200 square feet in size
  2. The deck must be free standing (not attached to the home)
  3. The deck must be under 30” in height from any point on the surface to the ground

For additional information, Outback Deck recommends that you contact your local municipality permit office for details that would be specific to where you live.

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