What Are Local Rules and Permits?

So, you know how there are rules for games you play? Well, when it comes to building stuff, each neighborhood has its own set of rules. These rules are like a guidebook that tells you how things should be done. And to make sure everyone follows these rules, you need a special permission slip called a “permit” from your local government.  Along with a permit you need to get permission from your neighborhood Home Owners Association to build a project that falls within their guidelines.

So Why Should You Care About Local Rules and Permits?

Imagine you’re building a super cool treehouse. You’d want it to be strong, safe, and totally awesome, right? Well, that’s where local rules and permits come in.

  1. Safety First:  Local rules are like the safety instructions for your project. They make sure your deck or porch is built in a way that keeps you and your friends safe. We all want a fun place to hang out, and following the rules helps make sure it stays that way!
  2. Playing by the Team Rules:  Think of your neighborhood as a big team. When everyone follows the same rules, it keeps things fair and square. Permits are like your permission slip to join in the fun and build your dream deck. Without them, it’s like trying to play a game without knowing the rules – not cool!
  3. Saving Your Allowance:  Now, let’s talk money.  It’s important to make sure everything is done the right way. Knowing about these costs helps you plan your project budget. You don’t want any surprises when you’re trying to save up for that cool deck, right?
What Can Change?

Guess what? Sometimes, the rules change a bit like with any game you play.  The same thing happens with local rules and permits.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Open:  When rules change, it’s essential to know about it. Maybe there’s a new rule about the color of your deck, or they added a cool new feature you can include. If you’re not aware, you might accidentally break a rule without even knowing it!  Ask your HOA about your neighborhood covenants (Rules List).
  2. Budget Buddy:  Changes in rules or permit costs can also affect your project budget. It’s like when you plan to buy a new video game, but the price goes up. Being aware helps you adjust your budget and still make your dream deck a reality.

So, there you have it!  Local rules and permits might seem like boring stuff, but they’re like your project’s superhero team. They keep things safe, fair, and help you build the coolest deck or porch on the block. So, before you select a deck or porch company, make sure they are licensed, reputable and pulling permits on your behalf.


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