How To Best Treat Scratching

Despite our best efforts to avoid damage to our new deck or patio, having children, pets or day-to-day activities may result in scratched decking.  So how do you deal with a scratch if your deck becomes damaged?

Treating Scratches on Composite Material

Deeper scratches can be treated using a heat gun, however, take care not to set the gun too hot or hold the heat gun over the scratch for an extended period of time. Use sparingly, set the heat gun to 450C and hold it no closer than 3 inches above the surface of the deck moving it slowly back and forth, take care not to focus the heat on just one small section as this can damage your deck. Use a steel brush to give the surface a grain appearance and remove the scratch.

How To Avoid Scratching Your Composite Decking In The First Place

Far better than treating scratches is to take measures to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Here are some additional ways to prevent damage from occurring:

  • Apply Teflon® glides or felt sticky pads to furniture to prevent chair legs and feet from scratching the composite deck.
  • Periodically cleaning your deck with a mixture of water and Dawn® Dishwashing liquid or a specific composite deck cleaner will preserve the life of your deck or patio.
  • If you use your deck in cold months, avoid using metal tools when clearing ice and snow from the decking.  Alternatively, buy a plastic snow shovel rather than a metal one and store other metal tools such as forks, spades, rakes and hoes away from your deck.

Following these simple steps to protect your deck from surface scratches and treating them as they occur will preserve your deck for many years to come.

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