By Deck Expert, David Jurnack

There are many variables that go into the question of “Does composite decking get hot?” but the short answer is yes. All decking surface materials will get hot to the touch as they are exposed to the sun including traditional wood, composite, PVC and/or synthetic boards. Typically, a composite surface will get about 5 degrees hotter than a traditional wood surface; however, there are variables that can impact the ability of a composite surface to absorb and retain the heat:

  1. The color of the decking (the lighter the color, the more heat reflective properties and hence the less hot it will get)
  2. The amount of direct sunlight your deck gets
  3. The ambient temperature of the area your deck is in

Most homeowners will ask about walking on the surface in their bare feet.  There are several things you can do should you still want a maintenance free, composite deck surface but want to avoid the heat implications:

  1. Pick a lighter color deck board
  2. Try PVC boards. PVC will cool down significantly faster than a composite or traditional wood surface
  3. Consider an outdoor rug
  4. Add a shade structure like a pergola

Any deck surface will get hot, especially here in the South. The true question is whether the drawbacks of traditional lumber will meet your expectations for a long lasting, quality and maintenance free outdoor living space.

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