Home improvements can be stressful, and hiring the wrong person can add to that stress. When it comes to a home renovation or an addition project, selecting the right contractor is essential.  The best thing to do is remove the stress and be educated on the type of contractor that is the best fit for you.  When selecting a contractor you can trust, take your time and ask some simple questions about your contractor

According to the Certified Contractors Network (CCN), these are some questions you can ask a contractor before selecting them:

  1. Is the company a licensed contractor? Simply carrying a license may seem adequate, however with codes and regulations constantly changing, it’s important to verify that the contractor is committed to their trade and taking continuing education training, like other up-to-date professionals.
  2. Does the company carry insurance, and is their coverage adequate to protect you and your property? There are countless stories of uninsured and under insured contractors causing a great deal of financial harm to a homeowner if an accident occurs. The only reason contractors wouldn’t carry proper insurance is to offer you a lower price, but with medical/legal bills potentially being 10x the cost of your project, this is not a risk worth taking.
  3. How long has the contractor been in business? The more experienced, the better. Since more that 95% of contracting businesses fail within the first 5 years, going with a more established business almost guarantees more long-term satisfaction. Make sure to examine new businesses closely before awarding them the project.
  4. What is the contractor’s track record for handling complaints? Nobody’s perfect in the contracting world. If a contractor states they’ve never had a complaint, they’re lying. A contractor should be willing to offer testimonies of both good and bad experiences and how they were able to address the bad experiences.

It’s important to know the answers to these questions before you make a decision on your contractor.

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