Remarkable Composite Deck Testimonial from the Flagel Family

In a cozy corner of their backyard, Erin and Jeff Flagel had a vision – a vision that involved turning their limited outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and entertainment. Their solution? A composite deck. Their journey to reform their backyard resulted in a stunning deck that exceeded all their expectations.  Erin and Jeff wondered about ways to make the most of their limited space in their backyard. The idea of a composite deck began to take shape, promising not only aesthetic appeal but also an eco-friendly and easy-to-maintain addition to their home.  Jeff had a composite deck previously, so he knew the benefits of having a low maintenance deck.

Excited about converting their smaller patio, Erin and Jeff contacted a solution specialist from Outback Deck to review their backyard and help create their dream outdoor living space.  After careful consideration, they settled on a design that utilized their limited space while fostering an inviting atmosphere.  For the material, they chose a premium Timbertech composite board, boasting the allure of wood without the accompanying upkeep.  Jeff recalls, “We knew Outback Deck was the company we wanted to go with”.

Anticipating a lengthy construction period, Erin and Jeff were surprised by the efficiency with which their composite deck came to life.  A skilled team orchestrated the project with precision, each phase unfolding seamlessly. Both Jeff and Erin were impressed with the speed and efficiency that their deck was built.

Once completed, stepping onto their new composite deck was a transformative moment and surpassed their wildest dreams.  From its completion, the composite deck swiftly evolved into the heart of their home. It became a space for cherished gatherings, where laughter and conversation flowed freely. The low-maintenance nature of composite decking removed the yearly maintenance that comes with a typical wood deck.

The Flagel’s composite deck journey was “a great experience” said Jeff and Erin.   Their story showcases the speed, allure, and eco-conscious attributes of composite decking, inspiring others to explore the possibilities of transforming their own backyard havens.

About Outback Deck, Inc.

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