By Deck Expert, Adam Hollander

Home improvement projects are big investment items. When purchasing a deck or custom porch, proposals and customer expectations should be crystal clear, so customers can have a great and enjoyable experience. Emailing quotes can lead to the following three biggest problems customers face in dealing with home improvement contractors.

  • Miscommunication – Customers normally have a different understanding of the project if things are left to an email.
  • Unrealized Expectations – Customers can have a different vision of the project that is going to be installed. And the customer’s expectations don’t align with what the contractor will produce. An example of this is permitting. Often, contractors say that permitting will be handled, but right before installation the contractor drops a bombshell on the customer stating they need to pull the permit.
  • Unforeseen and Unknown Extra Costs – This is potentially a very costly area for customers. Not knowing how they will handle things that they cannot see and what are these potential things.  Examples of unknown extra costs include the need for deeper footings, rot located behind the header, or even the labor involved with buried utilities in the yard.

Take the time to meet with a home improvement contractor in person.  It will help avoid miscommunication, align your expectations, and should identify all or most of the costs associated with your project. 

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