Decking Trends for 2023

It was quite a wonderful year at Outback Deck. Our team created some of the biggest and best projects in 2023 and it’s all thanks to our incredible customers that believe and trust in us. Our projects have spanned from simple 12×12 deck replacements, to covered porch projects by design, to 25-foot-high decks, to completely reinventing the wheel of deck design with fully steel framed structures. Now that Outback has tackled newly innovated projects from 2022, we have some insight into what trends homeowners may see in 2023.

Steel Frame Structure

Two of Outback’s principles when installing new decks for homeowners is to create safety and longevity. Not only is steel the safest solution but also the longest lasting substructure material that can be used. This year our team built two dream projects for trusting outback customers using all steel framing. Steel framing is often a requirement in commercial buildings while residential homes are not, and quite frankly are a very rare sighting on the back of homes. Our team predicts this to change moving into 2023. The material is aircraft grade, stainless steel, powder-coated aluminum that withstands the tests of time. As best practices continue to improve with installation, steel framed structures will become the new norm (prices will only go up, so if this is something that interests you the time to buy is now!).

Louvered Systems

Louvered Pergola Systems are a continuously growing product in Georgia due to hot summers and rainy winters. What is a louvered system? A louvered system is a pergola with rotating, tongue-and-grooved, ceiling panels that allow manipulation of the sun and rain. Fully powder coated aluminum, louvered systems provide significant low maintenance and longevity. They are known as the middle ground between a pergola and a shed roof, containing the key features of both. The modern and finished look also comes with additional features such as the option to screen, add lighting, fan(s), wall(s), a fireplace, and more all while being remote controlled. One thing to note about these products is that there are specific installation regulations that are required, and customization is common. Many products cannot be customized or there are not enough contractors who know how to customize the product to fit the customers needs. Outback has tackled some brilliant projects with the louvered system as the centerpiece.

Composite Boards

Composite boards continue to grow into the norm of residential decking and in 2023 that will not change. Outback was started in 2010 and was originally focused on installing the safest wooden decks for homeowners. Composite boards have since become the norm due to its longevity and low maintenance. While many decks are built with a wooden base (substructure), most remodeled decks and new decks are installed with composite flooring.  Not only is the keep-up significantly less but homeowners are finding their homes are easier to sell, and they can sell them for more. Outback has its own transferable warranty that sets us apart from most contractors. This creates even more value in replacing the original footprint before selling.

Combo Projects

A trend that took off during the COVID pandemic as everyone was working from their homes that will continue to increase are combo projects. In general, more people work from home and have the opportunity too. This has increased the desire for homeowners to build their dream backyards. Homeowners are constantly informing us they really want their project to be a “one and done”. They have multiple wants for their exterior living such as a deck with a covered porch, or a deck with a patio beneath it and under decking. Because a deck would be able to provide more useable space homeowners are more inclined to install a pergola, porch, or under decking to protect them from weather. Outback has a team of exceptional crews that truly tackle any challenge. Our team recognizes the hassle of working from home and hearing the drills and hammers day after day. Fortunately, outback can create just about any combo project that a homeowner can think of and predesign it for the best outcome. For more information on our design process visit


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