Backyard Pergolas Installed in Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, & Nearby

Add Comfort & Visual Appeal to Your Outdoor Living Space With a Custom Pergola

Vinyl pergolas are the durable, low-maintenance solution to creating a new backyard on a budget. They add elements of architectural design, natural shade, and privacy to your favorite outdoor areas without sacrificing curb appeal. If you're looking to upgrade your outdoor living space, Outback Deck Inc. will customize a vinyl pergola for your individual backyard landscape.

At Outback Deck Inc., we provide homeowners with the perfect vinyl pergola options that create and define comfortable outdoor living areas according to their needs. Contact us at 1-770-343-4358 or click below to request a design consultation and get a free quote for a custom pergola in Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta, and the Greater Northwestern Woodstock area.

Pergolas Extend the Outdoor Season

Porch Pergola

Homeowners throughout Greater Northwestern Woodstock are upgrading their outdoor living spaces by adding pergolas where they spend quality time. This makes their backyards, patios, decks, and pool areas more appealing and functional for a longer time during the year.

Pergolas provide shade during the hot months and cozy refuge when the weather cools down. Consider how you want to enjoy the changing temperatures when you select your pergola's shade pattern. If you opt for a higher opacity to allow less light through, consider adding supplemental lights inside for the fall and winter. The purpose of your pergola may shift as the weather does.

Why Install a Pergola in Your Roswell Backyard?

  • Real Shade: Our experienced designers will ask how you plan on enjoying your pergola during the customization process. Our angled shade system allows you to choose from 50%, 75%, or 90% shade patterns on the roof of your pergola. Think about what time of day you'll use this area and how much shade you'll need for those activities. And remember, pergola rafters oriented north-to-south will cast more shade than rafters oriented east-to-west.
  • High-Strength: At Outback Deck Inc., we build our vinyl pergolas using an aluminum internal frame that holds up under high winds. The aluminum will not sag, rust, or rot like less durable materials might - that's our lifetime guarantee!
  • Low Maintenance: Vinyl is our material of choice because it does not need touch-up paint and is easy to clean. Simply hose down your pergola with soap and water, using a cleaning cloth when necessary. Because you're supposed to be enjoying your backyard oasis, not spending tons of time on maintenance.
  • Custom Design: You can help design your custom pergola! Decide whether you want an attached or freestanding pergola first, then move on to selecting the color, post style, and the amount of shade you want your pergola to cast.

Outback Deck Inc. considers your layout, budget, and taste when designing your pergola. Our vinyl pergolas are customizable to fit your outdoor landscape, ensuring a solid fit and sturdy performance over time. We can even trim your pergola to the exact dimensions necessary, on-site at your home, for the perfect fit guaranteed.

What Type of Pergola Design is Right for Your Home?

We offer both freestanding pergolas and attached pergola kits designed by experts for increased shade and visual curb appeal. The attached pergolas compliment your house by directly adding to it, further defining areas like decks, patios, or pool areas. Freestanding pergolas can be added wherever your yard needs added structure, a focal point, or just some more privacy.

Freestanding Pergolas

Every day homeowners dream of turning their backyard into a functional, stylish area for entertainment and relaxation. Because this can be a daunting task, some customers don't know how to define their vision or where to start. Freestanding pergolas are a quick, efficient way to kickstart your transformation.

Our freestanding pergolas are specifically designed for your backyard's layout, making the most of areas that had little to no prior purpose. Create a cozy sitting spot in the garden, add a shady reading nook to the edge of the pool, or cover the backyard bar for added UV protection. Bonus: they're a great frame for photo-ops!

Freestanding pergolas are a destination point in your landscape. By defining your outdoor living space, you are creating areas for everyone to enjoy year after year.

Attached Vinyl Pergolas

If you're seeking more shade in areas right outside of your home, an attached vinyl pergola could accommodate you. By attaching a pergola to your home, it looks like a more permanent fixture and directly speaks to the flow of your house's architecture. For example, double doors leading to patios can be enhanced with a pergola that creates an area of refuge, connecting an outdoor living space to the inside of your home.


Many homeowners put their grills, hot tubs, and sitting areas on patios just outside of their homes, nearly touching the exterior. An attached pergola can add shade to these common areas that are often in direct sunlight during the hottest summer months. This visually consolidates outdoor spaces with the house, making a great indoor-outdoor transitional environment.

Our attached vinyl pergolas are a stylish addition to the exterior of your home and are more durable and stylish than other shade alternatives. The attached pergolas add more structure and definition to your outdoor space than, for example, an awning would by creating strong vertical lines and depth of field.

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