Work Requests in Roswell

Outback Deck Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Roswell. Learn more about Outback Deck Inc.'s recent work requests in Roswell and nearby areas!

Learn more about Outback Deck's recent work requests in Roswell, GA
Vicinity of Fawn Glen Drive in Roswell
I want my back deck redone or repaired.
Vicinity of SPRING RIDGE CT in Roswell
Want a new upper deck or patio
Vicinity of Ramsdale Drive in Roswell
Composite deck, 12x16, no stairs.
Vicinity of Meadowsweet Trace in Roswell
We already have an existing deck and are looking to get it covered.
Vicinity of Northpoint Trc in Roswell
Hey Brian! Matt- previously from Chase. My wife and I need some back yard living put together. Currently, we only have a walk-out concrete patio with a table and grill. We want to discuss building a deck with a screened in area and a place to entertain. The kicker being we have to plan around the next step which is going to be adding a pool in a few years. We'd love to start making the back yard more enjoyable now if possible. Is this something y'all can do or refer me elsewhere? Thank you, sir!
Vicinity of Hamitlon Way in Roswell
Replace existing deck
Vicinity of Abbeywood Drive in Roswell
Looking to screen in and possibly upgrade existing porch/deck.
Vicinity of Water Grove Court in Roswell
Look to replace exsisting deck boards, railings and stair boards
Vicinity of Winn Park Court in Roswell
Back deck and front porch in need of complete. overhaul. Would like to improve design and upgrade.
Vicinity of Bastion Dr in Roswell
Looking to replace our deck with composite materials, and cover it. Possibly screen it in.
Vicinity of WILDWOOD SPRINGS DR in Roswell
We are looking to replace our deck and extend it.
Vicinity of Roxburgh Drive in Roswell
Looking to replace an existing deck. Currently a 12x20 second floor with a staircase. Would like some design ideas as well so we can decide what best fits us and our budget.
Vicinity of Shoal Creek Drive in Roswell
Replace and possibly enhance existing 12x14 deck with.. 1. Trex or another low maintenance composite 2. Aluminum railing 3. Lighting 4. Bench
Vicinity of Prado Terrace, None in Roswell
Top surface, steps, and railings need to be replaced. Railing supports no longer meet current code.
Vicinity of Summer Oaks Dr in Roswell
We are looking to replace our existing double story deck railings and painted.
Vicinity of Laurel Lake Drive in Roswell
Looking to have some stairs to a deck replaced/repaired and possibly some of the deck railing. Also have a retention wall approx 110-150 feet and between 4 and 4.5 feet high which is currently rotten railroad ties. Looking for estimates on remediation either PT wood or stone.
Vicinity of Loch Highland Parkway in Roswell
Looking to replace back deck. Thanks!
Vicinity of Overlook Dr in Roswell
We need to replace an existing deck
Vicinity of Wexford Mill Ct in Roswell
We already have a deck but I'm interested in getting a quote to replace the deck floor with Synthetic.
Vicinity of Roxburgh Dr in Roswell
We are trying to get a patio installed under our deck.
Vicinity of Holly Stream Trail in Roswell
Need to repair and stabilize areas
Vicinity of Annie Cook Way in Roswell
Need quote for screened in rear porch
Vicinity of Halifax Ter NE in Roswell
Vicinity of Brookfield Club Dr in Roswell
Current outdoor deck (double-tiered) is aged over 20 yrs and needs to be rebuilt or demolished for new decking.
Vicinity of Loch Highland Parkway in Roswell
We have two decks on our home, one front and one rear. Both in need of replacement. We would like to change the back deck up a little bit but need to get an idea of cost.
Vicinity of Estate Club Circle in Roswell
Looking for quotes on a couple scenarios around our current deck.
Vicinity of Brooksglen Drive in Roswell
We'd like to replace our deck with a more modern style ( banisters) and possibly make it bigger
Vicinity of Edinburgh Trail in Roswell
We have wooden deck stairs(like a lake cabin) that lead to our home they need to be redone or repaired and stained as well as our deck we would like to have the wood stained and the railing modernized using what's currently in place.
Vicinity of King Estates Court in Roswell
I am looking to expand/modify my existing deck
Vicinity of LUM CROWE RD in Roswell
Eleven year old deck needs repair. Would like start stair re positioned, plus adding hard-scaping below deck and fire fit.
Vicinity of Six Branches Drive in Roswell
We have an existing patio in our yard but would like to have it leveled out since it is uneven right now.
Vicinity of Merrivale Chase in Roswell
We want to add a covered porch over our existing flagstone patio
Vicinity of Laurel Mill Way in Roswell
11 year old deck and planters are rotting and needs to be replaced. Open to another plan.
Vicinity of Crosshill Drive in Roswell
Deck quote
Vicinity of Mountain Creek Dr NE in Roswell
My home has a front porch but it is not covered. I would like a add a portico to enhance the front entrance and provide some protection from rain.
Vicinity of Rockingham Dr in Roswell
I have a two story deck that needs some TLC. Would also like to add a 3rd level to deck with steps that lead into the yard. I would also consider screening in top deck.
Vicinity of Spring Ridge Drive in Roswell
Want to demolish existing 30-year old, ~200sf PT pine deck, railing, and stair (5' above grade) and replace with new 400sf composite deck/rail/stair.
Vicinity of Etris Manor Drive in Roswell
Extension of an existing deck that was built in 2015...the extension would be ~10 feet high. 12'x13' ish. Would like a privacy wall and bench on the end for Neighbor privacy. The existing ground terrain is flat/sodded.
Vicinity of Mountain Shoals Road in Roswell
I need to replace rotten wood deck boards and think the frame is ok. I would like to purchase all the material for the deck and have the old deck removed and have composite installed with aluminum railing. I do not need stairs. I have dimensions and deck material ready to purchase, need quote to demo and install.
Vicinity of Six Branches Dr in Roswell
I'd like a quote on a (roughly) 400 ft sq back deck in Ipe.
Vicinity of Blakedale Circle NE in Roswell
Relace 31year old deck 10x 10 with 16 x 16 composite deck. Approximately 8 feet off ground. Gate and balusters must accommodate small dog 7 lb.
Vicinity of Creekshire Drive in Roswell
10 year old deck needs to be replaced. Put in incorrectly. Composite deck with undercover system.
Vicinity of Denton Pl in Roswell
Replace old deck
Vicinity of Mountain Creek Drive NE in Roswell
Currently have a railroad tie retaining wall that is deteriorating and part of our patio had started to shift with ground settlement. Would like quote on removing all that and building something new.
Vicinity of Sunset Court in Roswell
We just recently purchased this home. It currently doesn't have a deck.
Vicinity of Hidden Pond Ln in Roswell
Looking for a quote for 17,*10' pergola,12'*12' deck,
Vicinity of Hillside Drive in Roswell
Vicinity of Oakhaven Dr in Roswell
We would like to screen in our back deck. Will require conecting a porch roof to the existing house roof.
Vicinity of Melody Ln in Roswell
We have a mid-century ranch in Roswell. Although it has been renovated on the inside, the front porch area was built by the previous owners and looks terrible. We would like an estimate to add a front deck which would only be about 10 inches off the ground with a single step up to the deck area which would be about 4'X20'. Not sure whether we want pressure treated or some kind of synthetic yet. Not a huge job but we want it done right--thanks.
Vicinity of Six Branches Drive in Roswell
We have a graded backyard we would like to turn into to separate levels
Vicinity of Wheatridge Bluff in Roswell
We have a tree growing up t her ought our deck that we'd like to keep. However, the tree has grown larger than the hole on the deck. The hole needs to be enlarged, but will require additional bracing underneath. Please come see the deck and provide an estimate.
Vicinity of York Place NE in Roswell
Vicinity of CAMDEN GLEN CT in Roswell
My deck needs leveling.
Vicinity of Garden Gate Path in Roswell
Need 8 footers dug and rebar installed for screened in porch addition.
Vicinity of Tennessee Walker Drive NE in Roswell
We have a large existing deck built above an enclosed garage. The deck was constructed of an early composite material that has significantly degraded which has resulting in leaking into the garage. We are interested in replacing the deck, installing a DRY under-deck system and possibly a screened porch on a section of the existing deck.
Vicinity of Satinwood Drive in Roswell
Rebuild and expand current wood deck with composite. Also looking to repave driveway at same time (may require separate vendor - understand). Saw sign in yard of neighbor who just rebuilt deck.
Vicinity of Dunscore Ct in Roswell
We have a hard scape project we would like to meet with you to discuss and provide an estimate . Our goal is to have the project completed in June. Thank you.
Vicinity of Grimes Bridge Rd in Roswell
We are looking to tear down our old deck and build a bigger and better one. We are currently researching companies and prices. We would like to have someone come out and speak to use about what you can do for us and your estimated costs.
Vicinity of Old Surrey Place in Roswell
Need insites
Vicinity of Tennessee Walker Dr in Roswell
Have a deck that is in need of repair or replacement. Foundation support appears to be good but flooring & railing are in rough shape. Approx. 14' x 40'
Vicinity of Monivea Lane in Roswell
Want to rebuild a previously torn down back deck. Will be off of the 2nd story of the house. Need someone who can plan/design either a ramp or very shallow steps leading off the deck. Additionally, need 3 other deck repairs. There are to be 4 total decks on the house. I am available to discuss Mon - Thurs. I work 12 hour shifts Fri-Sun and am not available then.
Vicinity of Wildwood Springs Dr in Roswell
Replace existing deck
Vicinity of Woodstream Ct in Roswell
Existing outdoor deck replacement. I would like to request an appt for deck options. Thank you.
Vicinity of Brooks Glen in Roswell
I am building a new house and want a lanai built at the back of my family room I am looking a a 17 x 12 slab and i want a roof and ceiling fan. can you give me an estimate for cost.
Vicinity of Riverbirch Dr in Roswell
Need a screen porch and deck renovation.
Vicinity of Amberly Place in Roswell
Need quote on deck replacement
Vicinity of Stonehedge Rd in Roswell
Want to link two existing decks so we have wrap around deck. would like area under deck enclosed so that it can be used for storage of lawn mowers etc. Also need to add some wooden steps in yard.
Vicinity of Fieldgate Court in Roswell
You are finishing a siding job in our neighborhood. We need an estimate on a new deck. Do you do this type of work? thanks!
Vicinity of Twelvestones Drive in Roswell
Hello! We are in the beginning stages of planning a backyard and deck renovation. We want to do this project within the year, but right now we want to check the stability and safety of our current deck. We also know our retaining wall needs replaced or repaired. I found your name through Angie's List! Eventually this could lead to a project, but right now we really just need to know if we should stop using our deck or if there is a way to temporarily, and inexpensively, repair it until a new deck is built. We are hoping it's okay but want the peace of mind of having it looked at. And if you could take a peek at our retaining wall and give us your thoughts on that, that would be great. Can someone come out and meet with me? Thank you! Have a great day! Katie Carter
Vicinity of River Ridge Ct in Roswell
Want to screen in an existing porch. About 10' x 14'
Vicinity of River Oak Dr in Roswell
Would like a quote to repair my elevated back deck and a quote to replace it.
Vicinity of Sandpoint Drive in Roswell
Need to rebuild existing old deck. Would like a quote. thank you. Please call me.
Vicinity of Riding Trail Court in Roswell
Need to repair or replace back deck at our Roswell home.
Vicinity of Houze Rd in Roswell
We own the lot on either side of our property. Would like to get a plan together to level off (widen) our backyard and create a stone patio area
Vicinity of Bridle Ridge Trace in Roswell
Looking to build a screened in porch and would like a consultation.
Vicinity of Hunterhill Dr in Roswell
I want to replace my deck (12'x16'). I would prefer composite. Please call to set up a time to come out and give me an estimate. Thanks, James
Vicinity of Wellers Court in Roswell
Remove 12 by 24 foot deck which is 10ft above ground. Replace with a 12 by 48 foot deck.
Vicinity of Brigade Ct in Roswell
Update/redo deck.
Vicinity of Chickering Pkwy in Roswell
We would like to build a screen porch on the rear of our home in Roswell.