Work Requests in Marietta

Outback Deck Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Marietta. Learn more about Outback Deck Inc.'s recent work requests in Marietta and nearby areas!

Learn more about Outback Deck's recent work requests in Marietta, GA
Vicinity of Chapel Grove Dr in Marietta
Our deck is 15 yrs old and is original "builders deck" wood. Would like to replace with some modifications. 16x28 feet. Thank you.
Vicinity of Dunmore Rd in Marietta
12x15 extension to second story deck with staircase.
Vicinity of Pine Warbler Way in Marietta
2 decks need paint/protection. 1 newer deck has draining issues, boards too close together Older deck has rot on rails and too many levels.
Vicinity of Sweat Creek Cv in Marietta
8 year old deck in need of repairs. Would like to understand options, considering screen porch.
Vicinity of Highborne Drive NE in Marietta
Need a quote for replacing our deck
Vicinity of Swallow Dr in Marietta
Current deck is old and we're looking to upgrade
Vicinity of Chimney Springs Dr in Marietta
We have both a back deck and front porch that need to be replaced. Could you please call me to arrange to see them and provide an estimate?
Vicinity of Glenpark Court in Marietta
Would like to screen in under our deck
Vicinity of Claridge Dr in Marietta
Patio and screen porch addition
Vicinity of Rambo Pl SW in Marietta
The decking on our deck is starting to fit so it seems like a good time to revamp. Also have a paved patio that didn't quite get finished. Might ask about an extension from the house over part of the driveway to cover a car.
Vicinity of Grand Oaks Gln NW in Marietta
Deck replacement and maybe poured patio underneath.
Vicinity of Kingsley Dr in Marietta
We need to replace the posts of the sunroom. We'd like to get a quote on that.
Vicinity of Snug Hbr Ct NE in Marietta
I would like to have my current deck expanded and replaced with a composite deck
Vicinity of Charmouth Court in Marietta
We need a deck and screened in porch added
Vicinity of Grand Oaks Glen NW in Marietta
Deck is old. Would also like to incorporate a covered area.
Vicinity of Mitchell Falls Ct. in Marietta
We currently have a covered deck off the back of our house and we'd like to screen that in and potentially extend it to have a grill area not in the screened in porch.
Vicinity of TALIMORE CT in Marietta
Would like to replace current deck. Also want to see if you are interested in redoing our neighborhood tennis pavilion
Vicinity of Tralee Court Ne in Marietta
Need some repairs, extension on deck
Vicinity of Wynford Ave SW in Marietta
Deck is not stable. Deck shakes when walking on it. Posts in ground are rotting.
Vicinity of Tritt Homestead Dr in Marietta
Looking to get my deck replaced. It's about 20 years old and is showing its age.
Vicinity of Cranmore Chase in Marietta
1. Under decking 2. Possible redo on existing deck
Vicinity of Early Winter Dr. Sw in Marietta
Build a new deck from ground up. Possibly extend current deck & enclose under it.
Vicinity of Lassiter Field Dr NE in Marietta
We need to extend our present deck, build underdeck system and build an outdoor kitchen area
Vicinity of Jefferson Township Parkway in Marietta
Deck is over 30 years old and is in need of replacement.
Vicinity of Oaktree Lndg in Marietta
Replace railings around deck and stairs with long wear materials. Also want to replace stairs. I would like someone to come out next week to provide an estimate.
Vicinity of Bonaire Xing in Marietta
Our deck is in very bad shape, so we would like to rebuild the deck. At the same time, we would also like to add some under deck space, including possibly even screening in the porch, if that is something that might work with our space. If screening in isn't an option, we would still like to do underdeck roofing, and hopefully add a ceiling fan to make it feel more like a sitting porch area. We would need someone to help us figure out what options are best for the set up we have.
Vicinity of St. James Walk Se in Marietta
My boards and hand rails and stairs need to be replaced I was told the foundation was fine
Vicinity of Mitsy Forest Drive NE in Marietta
We are looking for an estimate to construct an 12x18 or 12x22 deck off of our sun room. We would also like an estimate to install lattice around our sun room post.
Vicinity of Carillon Xing in Marietta
Have old (1997) deck needing repaired/ remodel and wanting to screen in deck.
Vicinity of Battle Forest Dr in Marietta
We are needing to redo our deck. Wear and tear over 30 years has caused the need for the majority of it to be rebuilt
Vicinity of Chapel Grove Drive in Marietta
Patio cover/screened porch
Vicinity of Misty Meadows Dr in Marietta
Deck extension
Vicinity of Kensington Court SW in Marietta
My deck needs to be torn down and redone so wanted an estimate on coat.
Vicinity of Danforth Dr in Marietta
We need our deck and side wall replaced
Vicinity of Branford Court in Marietta
Looking to do front porch on house, 32 x 9 or 10 ft. Would love an estimate.
Vicinity of Bayford Court SW in Marietta
We are in need of a new deck, wanting to remove a staircase and extend the deck size a little . The planks run through our sunroom so those will need to be placed as well. Lastly, we are wanting to put in windows in our sunroom.
Vicinity of Blanton Court in Marietta
Looking to add shade to our deck
Vicinity of Charmouth Court in Marietta
We need our deck replaced and a screened in section added
Vicinity of Fenwick Dr in Marietta
I need ideas and estimate for screened porch and deck out back of my home.
Vicinity of Moss Creek Dr in Marietta
We are planning to replace a (VERY) rotten multilevel deck and would like to go over options, budgets, materials, designs, etc.
Vicinity of Timberloch Drive in Marietta
Backyard needs updating: deck needs attention, maybe expansion or reconfiguration, potential to install a screened in porch. Potential to add hardscapes for more outdoor living space. Maybe incorporating a hot tub.
Vicinity of Arbor Spring Way in Marietta
I have an existing wooden deck and would like to expand it. I would like someone to build the framework for the expansion, about 12X16. Attach to the house, put the support poles in the ground. My sons and I want to put down the floor and rails as a father sons project.
Vicinity of Butlers Gate NE in Marietta
New deck and screened porch
Vicinity of Blackland CT W in Marietta
We're looking to add a screened in area to an existing porch that has a metal roof. Would be two sides roughly 14x10 requiring 1 door leading out to the existing deck.
Vicinity of WILLOW BLUFF in Marietta
Looking to have a screened in porch with stone fireplace added to the back of our house. Also adding a small covered deck area for grills off of the porch.
Vicinity of Cauthen Ct in Marietta
Fill in hole where hot tub was as well as random deck board replacement. Need to sell home somlooking for quick turnaround or quote if possible.
Vicinity of Salem Woods Drive in Marietta
We are in a 2 story approx 2400 Sf townhouse that needs the existing rotted upper and lower deck demolished and rebuilt.
Vicinity of Ashefordr Dr in Marietta
My 25 year old deck needs to be repaired or replaced. thanks
Vicinity of Allgood in Marietta
Existing small ugly deck to be replaced with larger, covered (possibly screened ) porch.
Vicinity of Wicks Lane in Marietta
We are interested in building a deck.
Vicinity of Ashley Lake Dr in Marietta
We have a deck that needs replacing and possibly expanding the size
Vicinity of Soaring Drive in Marietta
I just want a reliable, fair estimate for redoing my deck.
Vicinity of Winter Wood Court in Marietta
Would like estimate for either repair of back deck, or repair/rebuild to enclose it for screened in deck.
Vicinity of Cornerstone Ln in Marietta
Please let me know if you are interested in repairing existing deck or repleacement
Vicinity of Coleman Dr SW in Marietta
Need a small new porch
Vicinity of Cedar Branch Court in Marietta
Existing deck would like the get a quote for adding a screened porch.
Vicinity of Sewell Mill Rd in Marietta
We have an existing 20 year old PT deck 18' w x 12' deep 10' off ground. Would like to add stairs and do in composite. Look forward to hearing from you. Bob
Vicinity of Longfellow Trail in Marietta
Would like an estimate on repairing or rebuilding our deck
Vicinity of Ebenezer Farm Road in Marietta
We have a previous deck that the builder installed - it is not holding up well and is really too small for the house. We would like to replace with a higher quality, larger, railing-less deck
Vicinity of Collinworth Drive in Marietta
Redo deck- new one should be small and simple.
Vicinity of Winter Wood Ct in Marietta
Replacing Front Deck
Vicinity of St. James Walk Se in Marietta
I have a deck that is in need of some updating. I am interested in seeing a cost comparison between composite wood and treated wood.
Vicinity of Jody Ct NE in Marietta
We are closing on the purchase of a home on 5/25. The home inspector expressed some concerns about a lack of flashing under the back deck, as well as potentially improper anchoring and footings. The front porch is also settled a bit, and there is some bowing of one of the back yard terrace retaining walls. We'd like to get a professional opinion on what repairs are needed to make these areas safe and get an estimate on the costs. We would like to have repairs made or significantly underway before we move in next month. Thanks so much!
Vicinity of CHARLTON TRCE SW in Marietta
Sagging retaining wall in backyard needs to be repaired or replaced.
Vicinity of Fox Hills Drive SE in Marietta
Need a quote to have 5-foot wide stairs installed off an existing 10-foot high deck.
Vicinity of Brownridge Dr NE in Marietta
We believe our deck is about 15 years old. There are two areas, one area is about 12x32, the second area is about 12x16. Currently there is one run of stairs, a straight run with about 16 steps. Here is a link to a survey... You can see on that survey that the deck is the full width of the house. Where you see the word "Deck" is actually a patio under the deck. The deck all of the diagonal lined area. I expect that the framing will need to be replaced as well as the posts. The posts are 5 inch tubular steel and have signs of corrosion. Please contact us if you are interested in bidding on this project. We are considering starting this project within the next 2 months.
Vicinity of KINGS ROW NE in Marietta
Deck replacement. Possible lower patio addition as well.
Vicinity of Channel Park Sw in Marietta
Interested in extending our back yard deck.
Vicinity of NORTH SAINT MARYS LANE in Marietta
We have large deck that needs to be rebuilt.
Vicinity of Arbor Club Drive in Marietta
Replace 37x21 deck
Vicinity of Falcon Wood Way in Marietta
I have a deck and hardscape I need done
Vicinity of Robinson Walk Ct in Marietta
We are looking to have a pressure treated 15x18 deck with a simple staircase. The deck will be approximately 9 feet off the ground. The old deck has already been removed, so there is no demo required.
Vicinity of Crossvine Bend in Marietta
I have a deck that is blocking the day light from the basement windows. I wanted to see if it is possible to cut a small area out of the deck by the house and add a safety type glass to the deck so that light can get thru. I have seen it done I a bigger project but not sure what it would cost if possible. Thanks in advance Larry Moore
Vicinity of Blackwell Rd. in Marietta
Back deck project at my home. replace old deck that's falling apart. thanks.
Vicinity of Rock Ridge Rd in Marietta
I'm looking to have my existing deck replaced. Looking for estimates.
Vicinity of GANT QUARTERS CIRCLE in Marietta
We have an old deck that needs to be replaced. We have a pool and would like to have a great outdoor space. We were thinking about a larger deck and screened in porch under it. We are open to suggestions...
Vicinity of Center Cross Pass in Marietta
We are ready to install a deck on our garden area. We are ready to do the work now if there's availability in your schedule.
Vicinity of West Forest Peak in Marietta
Looking for a quote for a new deck. Live in Highland Pointe Sub. I'm at work so you can text me for an appt. I get home by 5pm during the week. Out of town this weekend, but could do the next. Thanks, Karen
Vicinity of Tritt Homestead Dr in Marietta
Looking for a screened in porch design for our house with a deck leading to existing patio. thanks!
Vicinity of Willeo Creek Point in Marietta
Looking for someone to quote on a deck rebuild.
Vicinity of WINTER GARDEN PL in Marietta
Looking to get a quote on deck repairs.
Vicinity of Hunterdon Way SE in Marietta
Looking to have a composite deck (preferably grey) installed on the back of our house. We have not settled on dimensions as this will depend on feedback from the professional we hire, but it should be fairly staightforward as it will be flush with the ground and not require stairs or railing. We are also considering a retaining wall to replace the original timbers but that second project is lower priority.
Vicinity of Chimney Swift Circle in Marietta
We are seeking an estimate for the replacement of our retaining wall in the back and side yard and the addition of a smaller wall to stabilize our front yard.
Vicinity of Tritt Springs Trace NE in Marietta
I have an existing 16x16 foot deck. I wanted to get an estimate to screen it in.
Vicinity of Sandhurst Way Sw in Marietta
I'd like to get a quote for the cost to fix/replace my front porch either today or tomorrow
Vicinity of Spring Hollow Court in Marietta
I would like to speak to someone about building a deck on the back of my house - what it would look like and what it would cost.
Vicinity of Scottish Mill Run in Marietta
Estimate for 14x18 pt deck with 4x10 extension for grill area. 2-3 steps leading to 14x18 deck.
Vicinity of Forest Wood Drive NE in Marietta
Add on (double the size) to preexisting 12 X 14 deck that's in good condition but 20 years old on the back of home. Or remove preexisting deck, if unable to add on to double its size, and build new larger deck on back of home.
Vicinity of Springwood Cir in Marietta
Fix or replace, possibly expand existing backyard deck.
Vicinity of Indian Hills Drive in Marietta
Would like to have small front porch expanded slightly to 10' X 8,' using Veranda composite planks, "fiberon Horizon, Ipe." 2 steps down to walk. Need new spindles and railings. Would like to have rear deck (20' X 12') covered with same material.
Vicinity of BUCKINGHAM DRIVE in Marietta
New-to-us home built ~1981 with wrap-around deck that's rotting & has serious engineering concerns. Hoping to budget for complete replacement this spring.
Vicinity of Roosevelt Circle in Marietta
Vicinity of Freyer Drive in Marietta
We have a screened porch that needs screen repair and a few boards replaced. May also need the floor of the porch replaced. Would like to have someone come take a look and get a quote. Thanks!
Vicinity of TALLOWOOD DR NW in Marietta
Need to discuss the options for an existing upper deck/ lower deck configuration. Thinking about removing the lower deck and replacing it with a concrete patio. Upper deck may need to be removed and reconfigured.
Vicinity of Soaring Circle in Marietta
Install exterior porch handrails
Vicinity of Timbermill Drive in Marietta
We are looking to expand our deck to have a covered portion and outdoor portion, and also an outdoor fireplace, lighting, etc. Would love to discuss this project with you. Thank you!
Vicinity of Meadowind Lane in Marietta
Old deck
Vicinity of Woodberry Lane SE in Marietta
Vicinity of Rolling House Lane in Marietta
Want ideas for a deck, plus where we will install a hot tub
Vicinity of Edward Ct. in Marietta
Project involves tear-down and disposal of 12x16 deck. Frame and posts cannot be reused. Accepting recommendations for replacement. Also, considering removing a second low deck and replacing it with a concrete patio
Vicinity of Holiday Street in Marietta
Vicinity of Shaw Road in Marietta
We have an existing deck, approximately 20ft X 8ft, that we are interested in converting into a screened in porch. We would like to know roughly how much adding a roof and screening this deck in would cost. Thank you
Vicinity of Waymar Dr SW in Marietta
Need free estimate to convert a closed in patio into a screened in porch.
Vicinity of Inman Hill SE in Marietta
Looking to have patio/outdoor kitchen area created in our backyard.
Vicinity of Liberty Ridge Trail in Marietta
We want to screen in our deck. Need options and prices.
Vicinity of Alexander Farms Ct Sw in Marietta
Vicinity of Parkview Drive in Marietta
Looking for a quote for an 8X12 foot deck on the back of my single story brick bungalow.
Vicinity of CATALINA COURT in Marietta
Vicinity of Halstead Drive in Marietta
Concrete patio install
Vicinity of Stillbrook Pass in Marietta
The original deck construction on our 25+ year old house is worn out. I am contemplating replacement with something functional...note the word 'fun' in there!! Whatcha got?
Vicinity of Indian Hills Parkway in Marietta
Looking at replacing deck
Vicinity of E Bank Dr in Marietta
We have a decent sized deck and we are needing to replace a couple of boards. This got us curious of the cost and possibilities to turn the deck into a screened in porch. I'd guess it's around 20 or 25x10 or so. We'd love to be able to use the area year round and expand an area for the family to relax
Vicinity of Clinton Dr in Marietta
Interested in adding a front porch to my home
Vicinity of Indian Hills Drive in Marietta
Rebuild 35'x12' deck, add patio landing below and a stone stair down a steep 6' grade to one side. Below we want a stone landing in front of existing doors, and a base for a shed or a small keeping room.
Vicinity of Morrison St NW in Marietta
I would be interested in discussing changes to my backyard; pavilion/covered, new deck, etc. as well as a portico for the front elevation. Thanks.
Vicinity of High Green Drive in Marietta
We want to create an outdoor living space with fire pit, pergola, and Jacuzzi.
Vicinity of Jefferson Township Parkway in Marietta
Quality and cost
Vicinity of Windol Court in Marietta
Vicinity of Reeves Lake Drive in Marietta
Need deck repairs done
Vicinity of Waltham Cir. in Marietta
Repair screen porch
Vicinity of Clear Spring Ct in Marietta
Want to have our current deck checked for safety and also add some space to increase size of covered areas.
Vicinity of Wolbert Trail in Marietta
Outdoor kitchen re-do / possible deck enhance
Vicinity of Vickery Way NE in Marietta
We have a deck. We are looking forward to cover it so that can be used in rain and also in summer.
Vicinity of Hollycreek Dr in Marietta
Vicinity of Bonaire Crossing in Marietta
Looking to replace current deck with a screened in deck.
Vicinity of Hunters Lodge in Marietta
Need deck rebuilt. Getting quotes.
Vicinity of Bunker Hill Cir in Marietta
Rails replacement with blocks
Vicinity of Shadowbrook Dr in Marietta
We are looking to repair the wood deck around our pool
Vicinity of Enchanted Woods Trail in Marietta
Looking for a new covered deck installation and outdoor fireplace.
Vicinity of St. Barbara's Lane in Marietta
I want to replace my deck with composite materials.
Vicinity of Infantry Way in Marietta
I have retaining wall requirement for my drive way and sunroom repair.
Vicinity of Ponte Vedra Dr in Marietta
I would like to extend my screened porch, please call me
Vicinity of Bays Ferry Trail in Marietta
Replace 30-year old deck with new, larger footprint with a few additional design features - likely use pressure treated. Ready to hire in the very near future - timing is somewhat flexible.
Vicinity of Blakeford Way NE in Marietta
We need your consultation and quotation on options for replacing our 15X30 deck with composites. Also, the possibility of combining with hardscapes.
Vicinity of Running Fox Drive in Marietta
Hi! We are interested in rebuilding our existing wood deck and stairs out back and also updating the railings on other parts of our deck. Thanks!
Vicinity of Willowbrook Drive in Marietta
We are interested in getting the decking, rails, and stairs replaced on our back deck. Also interested in new stairs and front door landing.
Vicinity of Stepney Ct. in Marietta
We have a 2nd story deck that is original with the house (about 20 years old). It needs repaired or replaced altogether. Can we have a quote on how much this would take? Thanks!
Vicinity of Devaughn Dr. NE in Marietta
Current Back deck is old and we are looking to upgrade it. We still want it to match the front porch however. Bonus would be to put in a hot tub.
Vicinity of ROCK MILL PKWY in Marietta
I have some wood rot on my back deck that is pretty extensive. I've had a few deck repair companies out for estimates, and they told me it was out of their capabilities to simply repair since the joists are also weakened. The water damage may be from too small of gutters over the area, so they may need to be fixed as well.
Vicinity of Derbyshire Drive in Marietta
I would like get an estimate for new patio addition.
Vicinity of Indian Hills Ct in Marietta
New hardscape project with retaining wall
Vicinity of Thunder Way in Marietta
Build a front porch
Vicinity of Arabian Trail NE in Marietta
I have the original deck on this house. Would like an A-frame, screened in porch with an additional open deck on the side. Would like a design and estimate.
Vicinity of E Forest Peak in Marietta
Would like a quote on a retaining wall
Vicinity of Catkin Ct in Marietta
We want to have a 14 by 18 porch made and am collecting quotes. Saw you did work nearby recently.
Vicinity of Sapphire Drive in Marietta
Want a quote on a new deck
Vicinity of East Bank DRive in Marietta
We already have the design from our friends who are landscape designers. We need pricing to do a front patio with stone steps leading up to the front door. Will send renderings.
Vicinity of Enchanted Woods Trail in Marietta
Need to replace an existing deck and would like to create a phased plan to add an under decked living space over the next couple of years.
Vicinity of Saxony Glen in Marietta
Interested in quote to redo my existing deck but add screened in area with roof.
Vicinity of Brown Cir in Marietta
I would like to build a patio in the backyard.
Vicinity of Valley Green Dr in Marietta
Patio Enclosure
Vicinity of Steinhauer Rd in Marietta
Looking to have a current deck expanded and stairs added to reach ground level.
Vicinity of Kinsmon Dr in Marietta
WE have a large existing deck, would like to add a screened in portion on part of it, possibly with a fireplace and wiring for music/TV
Vicinity of Langley Oaks Drive in Marietta
Screen an existing porch
Vicinity of Courson St in Marietta
Looking for a quote to build a back yard deck. The house is on a ground floor level and there is no basement.
Vicinity of Edenbourgh Pl in Marietta
I am interested in getting a quote to repair my deck, specifically, to replace the support columns. Thank you.
Vicinity of Knight Road in Marietta
I have an existing recessed deck under the roof line. I want to screen in and add another deck expanding from the existing deck and stairs leading down into yard. I may want to hardscape under the new deck.
Vicinity of Chestnut Hill Rd Sw in Marietta
Hello, I am looking to get estimates on replacing my current deck which is 20 yrs old. Will be using standard pressure treated wood. Please contact me when possible as I am looking to make a decision in the next 2-3 weeks or sooner. Thank you, Kevin
Vicinity of Birds Mill SE in Marietta
I'm interested in replacing a current deck with a new deck and screened-in porch.
Vicinity of Nashua Ct in Marietta
Replace 30 year old back deck and expand to connect with landing of screen porch.
Vicinity of Princeton Corners Lane in Marietta
We have a deck that we need repaired (and extended in an area), as well as pressure washed and stained.
Vicinity of Colony Drive in Marietta
I have a large deck with stairs that needs to have the railing replaced. The deck itself is fine but the railing is in bad shape. Probably close to 100 ft of railing.
Vicinity of Shadowood Court in Marietta
Looking to get a home renovation loan. The loan renovation amount will be held by the lender until the deck is complete. Then they will do a draw for the cost of the deck.
Vicinity of Buck Hill Se in Marietta
Deck is overdue for rot replacement and resurfacing. Needs a new "look". Would appreciated a free estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of Outlook Way in Marietta
I need steps built for my two decks.
Vicinity of Enchanted Woods Trail in Marietta
Looking to redo our existing deck and potentially expand it. Need some ideas and prices so that we can plan. Not sure if we want to use wood or something different. :)
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