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Outback Deck Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Acworth. Learn more about Outback Deck Inc.'s recent work requests in Acworth and nearby areas!

Learn more about Outback Deck's recent work requests in Acworth, GA
Vicinity of Eidson Street S.E. in Acworth
I own a mobile home in Acworth that has a new metal roof but I am looking to add a sleeping porch if you can help me please give me a call back
Vicinity of Burlington Ct NW in Acworth
I need to rebuild my front deck.
Vicinity of Madison Terrace NW in Acworth
Would like estimates to repair or replace the back deck. It is painted wood, old, and showing some deterioration. Would like opinions on replacing (repairing) some of it versus total replacement. Not looking for any big changes in footprint.
Vicinity of Bruce Court NW in Acworth
Replacement of poorly built screened in porch with deck of composite materials and France door entry from home.
Vicinity of Independence Ln in Acworth
Good afternoon, I want to build a porch onto my house. The project will include the following: 1. Drawings of the project, prior to starting the project, for HOA approval. 2. Pulling the permit from the city and arranging the city inspection so that at the completion of the project I'm assured/have proof that everything is up to code. 3. Extend an existing concrete slab & level it out so that it can be tiled. Concrete extension = 219 square foot. 4. Tile the concrete slab. Full concrete slab = 435 square foot (219 sq. ft. extension plus 216 sq. ft. that already exists). 5. Construct a porch with an asphalt roof on top of the concrete slab. Porch size = 315 square foot. 6. Install electric wiring inside the ceiling of the porch & attach 2 outdoor ceiling fans to the ceiling. 7. Install 1 additional outdoor electrical outlet. My house is in the Centennial Lakes subdivision in Acworth, GA. Please provide me with an initial estimate & let me know if you have any further questions. Regards, Marius de Wet
Vicinity of Austin Farm Trail in Acworth
Need the front porch/deck renovated. The roof is attached to the house and doesn't need to be replaced, just the actual deck/porch itself. I would also like a price on the price for stairs to the back screened porch in a separate quote.
Vicinity of Walforde Blvd in Acworth
I have a concrete slab patio in the back yard, I would like to build a platform on top of it. I have photos of the space and what I am looking for. Would like a quote.
Vicinity of Pickett's Forge Lane in Acworth
New deck screened in. 23x16 ft.
Vicinity of Gaillardia Way NW in Acworth
Lower deck needs 2 boards replaced.
Vicinity of High Gate Dr. NW in Acworth
Replace deck. Repair retaining wall.
Vicinity of Freedom Drive in Acworth
Would like to get a quote on installing stairs to our deck. The Deck is 2 years old.
Vicinity of Morning Chase NE in Acworth
My back deck collapsed today. I've torn it down and looking to replace it with a larger deck (about 12'x25'). Thanks
Vicinity of Sable Trace Way in Acworth
Current deck 15years old - lots of weak boards - needs to be replaced. Looking to do patio or deck/patio combo.
Vicinity of Camden Lake Parkway in Acworth
We having an aging 10X10 deck that needs to be renovated and possibly extend it to give us more space to grill also would like to talk about covering it
Vicinity of Tibor Dr in Acworth
I am looking for an estimate on deck repair for my back deck.
Vicinity of Picketts Ridge Ct in Acworth
I already have a deck but I would like to get an estimate on repairs
Vicinity of Fairway Overlook Drive in Acworth
Repair replace back deck
Vicinity of Verbena Drive in Acworth
We want to replace our current deck.
Vicinity of Mohawk Trail in Acworth
We need to get a front deck replaced and some repairs on out back deck.
Vicinity of HollowBrooke Way NW in Acworth
I need to have three 16' Stringers and a deck post installed.
Vicinity of Bay Island Cay in Acworth
Looking to build a screen porch, approximately 15x25 with some storage options. May need to look at a detached porch? If so, need some way to tie it into the back of the house.
Vicinity of Shadowbrook Dr in Acworth
Need repair of boards and rot on deck on 2nd story
Vicinity of Kenbrook Court NW in Acworth
We would like to repair or replace our current deck. size: 25.5' x 12'
Vicinity of Debidue Ct Nw in Acworth
I want to replace the old deck and have it extend the length of the house
Vicinity of Baker Plantation Dr in Acworth
Replace existing front porch and railings
Vicinity of Fairwood Drive in Acworth
Large Deck needs some repair
Vicinity of RED OAK BLVD. in Acworth
Have an old deck that needs to be removed. Looking to have a screened in deck with a side area for a grill and stairs down.
Vicinity of Waldenbrooke Ct NW in Acworth
Replacing old 12X16 deck with a 16x28 deck with 16x16 of the area covered screened in porch, the remaining 16x12 outside deck area.
Vicinity of Discovery Court in Acworth
Backyard patio; partially covered
Vicinity of Discovery Court in Acworth
Covered back porch with fireplace.
Vicinity of Austin Farm Trail in Acworth
I am in need of a new front porch, rails, and steps.
Vicinity of Westland Way in Acworth
Do you provide free estimates to replace decks?
Vicinity of Hollowbrooke Lane NW in Acworth
Looking to replace current deck and have covered porch.
Vicinity of Benbrooke Way NW in Acworth
I need a new deck. Would like the new deck to be covered and enclosed and a little bigger than the existing one.
Vicinity of Sable Trace La in Acworth
I would like to screen in our deck. The deck is 12' x 15'
Vicinity of Staton Place in Acworth
Want to have new porches and back porch inclosed
Vicinity of Sable Trace Trail in Acworth
Would like to get a quote for current deck repair and or tear down and new build.
Vicinity of Old Dirt Path in Acworth
We have a rental home on our property that needs repair on second floor porch 60x12 and flooring put on is just painted avantech plywood now
Vicinity of ABERNATHY WAY in Acworth
Looking to extend our current deck and add stairs
Vicinity of Fairway View Crossing in Acworth
Looking for design suggestions and a quote following for a covered outdoor space for a home with a concrete slab. Work to begin early next year.
Vicinity of Fallsbrook Way in Acworth
I'd like a screened in porch
Vicinity of Royal Oak Ct. in Acworth
Would like a 15x15 pea gravel patio around my fire pit, with timber sides and three 6x6 posts placed in the 3 opposite corners (for placing hammocks)
Vicinity of Kellogg Creek Rd in Acworth
Would like to add a back porch and large stone patio area. May require septic move.
Vicinity of Eagle Rock Dr in Acworth
We are purchasing a new construction home and we would like to enclose the back deck, as well as add some landscaping to the yard.
Vicinity of Thorngate Drive in Acworth
We are looking to purchase a home, but during the home inspection they found a few issues with the deck of the home and a retaining wall that is under the deck. We are needing a quote no later than 7/6 on these issues. We need one for the wall and one to remove part of the deck, or to fix the existing deck.
Vicinity of Spinnaker Way in Acworth
12x24 deck with rails and stairs
Vicinity of Spinnaker Way in Acworth
24x12 deck with rails and steps
Vicinity of Ridgeside Drive in Acworth
We have a 30+ year old Deck that is rotted and boards are falling off. Concern for safety and aesthetics. Would like to replace the deck.
Vicinity of Brookstone Walk Nw in Acworth
We need all the top boards replaced on our back deck, it will also need to be stained and the pergola too. You can look at it anytime, the back gate is open and we don't have a dog.
Vicinity of Noah Ridge in Acworth
12 x 17 concrete floor need pressure wash and install outdoor floor ties
Vicinity of Blue Sky Circle in Acworth
Interested in pricing for a 10 x 12 ground-level deck. Currently has 10 x 10 concrete slab.
Vicinity of Thornwood Dr. NW in Acworth
Interested in deck removal and replacement with possible screened-in area.
Vicinity of Abbotts Glen Trail in Acworth
Retaining walls and leveling out backyard, making for more functional space
Vicinity of Lincolnwood Ln in Acworth
I am looking for someone who can work with me to design a screened in porch, and extend the patio area with pavers- working within a very small space and must meet HOA guidelines and approval.
Vicinity of Abernathy Way in Acworth
Interested in extending current deck and adding stairs.
Vicinity of Brookgreen Dr in Acworth
Would like estimate for patio and outdoor kitchen/fire pit
Vicinity of Forest Grove Trl in Acworth
We are looking to get a quote on adding stairs from our top deck to our bottom deck
Vicinity of Sable Trace Pass in Acworth
Extend and possible corrections to existing deck structure.
Vicinity of Ft Sumter Landing in Acworth
Currently have a 10x12 deck that needs floor and rails replaced. We also want pergola added as well. No stairs needed.
Vicinity of Thorncliff Landing in Acworth
Looking to replace the deck boards and railing of an existing deck with composite and aluminum balusters. Also looking to do an underdeck drainage system during the process.
Vicinity of Thornwood Dr in Acworth
I need to rebuild my deck, extending size & cover it.
Vicinity of Cleburne Pl in Acworth
We want to extend our deck and add stairs. Looking to get this done as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Waterloo Dr in Acworth
We would like to add a screened porch to our home
Vicinity of Downington Overlook in Acworth
Need to replace 11 screen porch panels and a door.
Vicinity of Fords Lake Place in Acworth
I have a screened porch that was started last fall. I would like someone to finish up because I ended up not trusting my contractors. It needs stairs to be finished, a whole roof, screens, and paint/stain applied. Thanks.
Vicinity of Shenandoah Parkway in Acworth
Hello, We need to replace our front deck/stoop with a new porch. It's become a hazard. We would like something larger than what is currently with the house. Best, Erika
Vicinity of Dahlia Way NW in Acworth
Would like a estimate on a new deck for my home.
Vicinity of Olympic Way in Acworth
We're looking to have deck stairs added to the deck our builder put on our home. We'd like an estimate and some guidance on the best place to put the stairs based on the layout of our yard.
Vicinity of Acorn Drive in Acworth
Current deck is believed to be unsafe for family use. Need to destroy and replace with slightly different deck. (A bit larger, different stairs, gates at both ends of the stairs).
Vicinity of Braidwood Dr NW in Acworth
Looking to install a fire pit and possible new deck or remodel of exsisiting.
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